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Content Management System

Fed up paying by the hour to have your website updated? Wish you could just do it yourself? You got it. Content Management Systems (CMS) give you control over what goes on your website. Update the text on your web page, put up new images, tell visitors about new special offers and upcoming events as they happen - in short, take the website into your own hands.

Has your website changed at all since you last had it redesigned? Why not? If you want people to return to the website and to get return business from it then you have to give some kind of incentive for them to come back. What kind of impression does it give if the content is static?

With a Content Management System (CMS) from Design A Website you won't need to pay a trained web designer to make small changes for you. We create your CMS to include all the features you need for your website and make it simple to understand with a completely foolproof interface. There will be no excuse for having irrelevant or out-of-date content anymore.

Besides giving your customers a more stimulating experience by updating your website regularly, this also helps with your results in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. The search engines look for fresh and up-to-date content when deciding on your rank in results - so why not give them what they want?

You don't need any knowledge of web design to get CMS working for your website so contact us now and find out how quickly and easily you can get to grips with the system.

Ayash Web Technologies Content Management System in gurgaon
Ayash Web Technologies Content Management System in gurgaon

Benefits of using CMS

Simplicity: Using CMS, Controlling the content of your site is as simple as the click of a mouse.

Decrease Cost: CMS enabled the site to eliminate the need to hire professional for routine updates to your site. Ayash Web Tech gives you the power to manage your content 24-7.

Instant Results: If you change the content of your site, the result is shown instantly on your site without any delay. When you are satisfied with the updated content, simply click update and instant results.

Convenience: CMS enabled site provided by Ayash Web Tech simplify your Web revision process by cutting-and-pasting content directly from a word document to the Web site. Updating images is as simple as locating the image on your computer, and clicking on "upload", you can even resize the image directly in the system.

Job Sharing: Capitalize on productivity by dividing responsibilities among staff according to their field of expertise. Easily set rules and access constraints for your Content Management System. Also, before the changes are implemented to a live web site, you or the editor can audit all the new content produced by the staff.

Multi language support

Ayash Web Tech, we are using the following CMS Application:

  • The textual information on the website can be easily updated
  • Photographs and images of your products require updating
  • Catalogs and description of products can be modified
  • Banners, animation or graphics on the site can be changed
  • Internal links and menu management
  • Integration with Social media and Google maps
  • SEO and SMM features
  • Blogging
  • Systematic and Simple HTML editor
  • Secure web logins and online accounts
Ayash Web Technologies Content Management System in gurgaon
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