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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing encompasses several online marketing techniques aimed at increasing the demand and popularity of a product or service using Digital platforms. There are a number of digital marketing options available but every business has its specific target audience and "go to market" strategy. Based on these, we work out the right mix of Digital Marketing options and provide you a custom plan specific to your needs. The Digital Marketing services that we provide, include the creation of Mobile friendly / Responsive websites, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Social Media Optimization & Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Content Writing. Ayash Web Technologies is a Digital Marketing agency based in Gurgaon with a proven track record of assisting customers with result oriented campaigns that boost their online presence/lead generation / online sales.

Ayash Web Technologies Digital Marketing in gurgaon
Ayash Web Technologies Online Digital Marketing in gurgaon

Why Ayash Web Technologies

At Ayash Web Technologies, we are a balanced mix of Technical, Creative and Digital Marketing professionals, who work tirelessly at getting you the best possible RoI for all the money that you invest towards your Digital Presence. We value your money and believe in working out the most result driven plans for your campaigns. For example, if your target audience is limited to a particular industry, we will design a campaign that can make you reach out to those people in minimum Ad spend rather than creating a campaign that reaches out to millions even though, people who actually matter may be a few hundred only!

At Ayash Web Tech We will be very glad to help in promoting your website. Our website promotion services are very effective and can help your website be a true success!

We offer Services like

This is one of the most sought after solutions today. Delivering high-quality content and satisfying your social marketing needs is our forte. Our job is to trigger effective responses and ideas to achieve your goal. Digital Marketing strategies can make or break your web presence, be sure to implement effective strategies.

Top 5 digital marketing activities you should consider:

  • Social Media Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. (this can be linked to the social media page below)
  • Digital Advertising through Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. (this can be linked to digital advertising page below)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for quality links to increase your organic ranking. (this can be linked to the SEO page below)
  • Influencer Marketing and Blogging.
  • Email Marketing for direct lead generation.
Ayash Web Technologies online digital marketing services in gurgaon
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